The Machinery Dealers' most preferred IT supplier

JMA wants to be the most preferred IT supplier to machinery dealers. We take pride in delivering complete IT solutions to our customers.


We make sure that our staff is trained and certified so that we are ready to support our customers with competent solutions to relevant and some times challenging IT tasks. We support our ERP-system DSM as well as technical IT matters with special focus on machinery dealers' business.


This means for our customers that:

  • we know about your entire IT installation - this gives you safety.
  • we know about your everyday business - you can be certain that we understand you - we "speak your language".
  • we are interested in your interactions with your customers and suppliers. As an example we have made it possible that prices on spare parts are automatically updated from the suppliers.
  • we are interested in the trade between our customers. As as example we have designed a spare parts database which makes it possible for all machinery dealers to shop directly from each others stocks with great savings.
  • you can track online how much support time you have already spend - in this way you can plan costs and training.
  • your software programmes are always up-to-date.
  • you have an influence on the future design of our ERP solution because we are obliged to you and to the user groups that we have set up.
  • you can outsource your IT solutions for ERP and infra structure to a competent and ISAE3402 certified hosting partner.


Lars Søyland

Daglig leder


Tel.: +47 41 555 111